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Engineering Services

PT Sucofindo EPISI provide services in engineering field by applying the technical disciplines and scientific. Designing and implementing safe materials, structures, equipment, systems and processes in order to actualize the clients' requests.

Procurement Services

Procurement in the beginning is part of contractor business in PT Sucofindo Episi.
The relations between contractor and procurement are focus on business integration to improve the goals and prevent many of the problems arising from the realization of projects in the construction industry.

With the aim of providing a more competitive value to clients, now procurement stands on its own business with its various forms of work and still continues to support the procurement of construction and engineering current business of PT Sucofindo EPISI.

Service Management & Outsourcing

Managing outsourcing agreements is a business process that has evolved extensively as outsourcing models have become more complex. Offshore contracts introduce new dimensions of outsourcing management complexity.

Managing outsourcing contracts is our specialty. If you have outsourcing contracts you are responsible for managing, review our management processes and services. Even if you are not interested in our services, this information may give you some ideas on how to improve your outsourced vendor performance using proven outsource management techniques.

Construction Services

PT Sucofindo Episi implements the work in the field of planning and construction by advancing experience in project development management, approaching and cooperating in motivations and expectations differences anticipation during project between team member and user, where the success of each company strengthen other team member and motivate both parties to anticipate, identify and prevent a lot of risks in the project.